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SUMMARY: Successful completion of over 100 data processing projects and assignments,
serving as  project managersystem designerplanning analystsystem analystpackage
, webmaster / web site developer, programmer/analyst, programmer, and in system
.  Experience has been in COBOL business systems on IBM Mainframes, and
websites developed on IBM PCs.  Recent Internet Skills experience in HTML, JavaScript,
ASPColdFusion, Photoshop, CSSJavaPerlSQL ServerVBScript, IIS, ADO, ODBC,
SQL, OLE DB, COM/COM+, DLLs, and Visual Interdev
.  Developer  of  8 large web sites
 and 5 smaller ones. An over-achiever who gets things done correctly and in a timely manner.
My  public service / public policy  educational  web sites  have logged  over  560,000  unique
visitors, from both the federal & state governments, universities, think tanks,  corporations,
public education,   individuals,   and 79 foreign countries.   I've also accumulated 34 years of
mainframe experience, and have a substantial advantage over newcomers to that field. Will 
work anywhere in the lower 48 states.    Especially talented at working on complex projects,
systems, and programs.                                                                                                                


EDUCATION: Two years at Indiana University, one year on scholarship at the University
of California at Los Angeles
,  and a final year at   Los Angeles State College  after UCLA
discontinued  its undergraduate school of business.  An "A" student in college, member of
Phi Kappa Phi   and   Beta Gamma Sigma   national honorary societies.   B. S. in Business
Administration, with a concentration in Computer Science.                                                     

PERSONAL DATA:   Married since June,  1974 - three children.   Member of the HTML
Writers Guild
,   and  International Association of Web Masters & Designers.   Three time
winner of the Golden Web Award.   Click on the following:   See some of the web sites I've
.   See my career history.   See some of my other interests.                                    

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Mainframe Experience

Facility Review Related Engagements

Performed a long range planning study for a hospital data processing inst-
allation that had stagnated and become outdated,  where new management was
attempting to get the department moving again. Before a plan could be pro-
posed,  it was necessary  to perform  an audit of the current environment.
The study lasted two months, and resulted in a report containing a substa-
ntial number of recommendations for the Long Range Plan; and for improving
current operations.                                                       

Was project manager on a team composed of client personnel, a consultant from another firm, and part-time clerical support that spent nearly nine months doing all the operations and programming documentation for a large public hospital where employee turnover and inadequate documentation were creating a critical situation. This included documenting programs using IMS DL/1 Data Communications, DBDGENS, PSBGENS, MFS, and the MIDS, MODS, DIFS, and DOFS.

Provided project leadership, planning and control, training of client per- sonnel in proper documentation procedures, coordination of the project with other departments, design of documentation forms; and assured that the necessary information, and cooperation, were provided by client per- sonnel. The project team produced Operations, Programming, Input/Output control and Scheduling, processing exception handling and control, data entry, contingency plan and production system change procedures documenta- tion for all the hospital's data processing systems.

Spent five months working on a new business venture - EDP Auditing - with specific responsibility for compiling the Auditing manual and questionnai- res.

Reviewed the programs in a claim reporting system to determine which ones had to be modified for an upcoming file redefinition; then participated in applying, testing, and documenting the changes. The technical environment was SQL / DB2 / Cobol / Ideal / Datacomm / CICS and Data Query. More IMS and DB2

Experience in Project Planning

Led a two-man project team that estimated and drew up a plan for the conv- ersion of a large payroll/personnel system to a new coding system; and converted an A/P system to meet the same criteria. At the completion of the project prepared an instruction manual for the utilization of the ins- tallation's online program maintenance system.

Spent several weeks as a planning analyst developing a project plan for converting an insurance company to a system for meeting ISO requirements.

Led a project team that spent several weeks doing the research and project planning for a proposal on a $1.5 million government project which includ- ed on-sight investigation and interviewing.

To see additional project management experience click here.

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System and IMS Data Base Design

Participated in a three member team that did the preliminary system design on a large billing system. Specific responsibilities included the design of a seven segment, five level IMS data base using secondary indexing; de- finition of the systems reports and screens; and participation in the de- sign of the system flow.

Next moved into the detail design phase and designed the largest program in the system, a comprehensive data base maintenance program. Produced a thorough user manual during the implementation phase.

Researched, designed, and wrote the specifications for a "non-standard commission reporting" system; to identify, extract from two IMS data bas- es, and report in different groupings, agent/dealers charging non-standard commissions, so that the accounting department could make adjustments to prevent and recover a significant loss of funds occurring at the insurance company.

Worked with the marketing department of an insurance company to design 35 reports and forms reporting profits, premiums, expenses, budgets, fore- casts, and variances; and served as liaison with the data processing de- partment to determine the sources of a wide variety of required input data covering various time periods and corporate groupings.

Worked with the actuarial department to design, program, test, and implem- ent an 11 step insurance loss ratio reporting system processing 1.5 milli- on policies and their related claims into reporting bands for user variab- le insurance amounts, indemnities, and terms, in ascending sequence with variable prima facie rate categories in descending sequence; utilizing complex actuarial loss exposure calculations.

Played a key role in the design and programming of an insurance billing subsystem.

Did the analysis and design for an insurance regulatory reporting subsys- tem.

Wrote the programming specifications for a public health data base orient- ed billing system.

Did all the design and programming for a statistical medical research sys- tem that tabulated and reported the incidence of heart disease in oil company employees in relation to their personal characteristics; such as high blood pressure, smoking, drinking, exercise, and so on.

Studied the insurance product, reviewed system programs, and attended meet- ings with department managers in order to produce a requirements / design document for converting a group long term care policy to an upgraded vers- ion. Then proceeded to make the necessary program changes, and tested how the changes were processed through the system cycles. The environment was Cobol/IMS, and Windows/Word/E-Mail.

Did the analysis for the production implementation of an IMS auto leasing system, meeting with the users and operations staff.

Participated in writing the programming specifications for a variable par- ameter sales contest reporting system.

Had complete responsibility for the design, programming, and user manual for a College Recruiting System comprising three programs and nine reports.

Designed and programmed a shipment survey system for analyzing opportunit- ies to combine shipments of different products shipped by different divis- ions for a food processing company.

Designed and programmed a food distribution system aimed at optimizing food distribution.

Designed and programmed an inventory freight analysis system for a food processing company to ensure shipment of merchandise from the most econo- mical location, based not only on distance but also on shipping rates.

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Personnel System and IMS Programming Experience

Wrote five large programs, using all the IMS batch data base calls, in com- plex situations, for the new payroll system for one of the world's largest communications companies. Because of the size of the programs, and the stringency of the test requirements, this effort spanned a ten-month period.

Wrote and implemented two BMP IMS programs to access a Human Resource data base and print a Management Register and Management Assessment, Planning and Development Report.

Did the specifications, programming, and PSBGEN for an IMS Human Resources data base extract and Annual Term Insurance Reporting System.

Programmed a Manpower Modeling IMS data base extract that accessed 11 dif- ferent segments, and checked the results by using a DLT0 dump.

Made extensive changes to three interrelated IMS/DC/DB online screen pro- grams, using MFS, Xpediter, and adding secondary indexing to one of the programs. This effort lasted four months.

Made several major, and very involved, changes to a 12-year old, 12,800 statement, 46 file, IMS billing program. One change required creation of a new IMS data base for use in the billing system. This assignment lasted about six months.

Upgraded an IMS system using CICS/DLI, converting VSAM to IMS files, chang- ing CICS maps, adding PF keys, doing PSBGENs and BMS compiles; and eventu- ally converting and testing 46 programs.

Spent 8 months as a member of a team "specing", coding, and testing a con- tinuing stream of changes to a large communications billing system; inclu- ding a year 2000 conversion. This included extensive Endevor staging, COBOL, working with IMS and VSAM files, testing, and determining PSB chan- ges needed.

Resolved problem reports on a large IMS telephone billing system, for about 5 months, vastly improving the quality of the system.

Changed a 6,000 program Cobol/IMS online Commercial Lines Property-Casualty Insurance System (Apollo) to add a crime sub-limits form, using IMS/DC, Data -Xpert, and Xpediter.

Was a member of a team converting an ancient BAL insurance system IMS data base to the IMS data base of a newer Cobol II system. Did detail design using WordPerfect, met with client personnel, participated in walk-thrus, coded Cobol II programs, and used VIA/Smartest in testing.

Wrote the edit program for a nationwide oil company payroll/personnel/ skills system.

Was one of two people who programmed an oil company's benefit plan report- ing system. More IMS More CICS

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DB2/SQL Programming Experience

Was a member of a team making changes to DB2/SQL programs in a loan status tracking system so that a changeover to new DB2 tables could be done; there by eliminating system redundancies. In addition to program changes, this involved making up test plans, creating complex test table environments to test in, and very extensive testing followed by presentations of results to users and D.P. personnel. Some of the technical tools used were DB2MOVE, Fileaid for DB2, DB2 Interactive, SPUFI, QMF, VIA/Smartest, Binding, ABC Flowchart, and Word. This project lasted for 13 months.

Wrote several DB2/SQL programs for a membership claims project.

Did maintenance on an APS/DB2/CICS Construction Management System.

Worked for 5 months at a major truck manufacturer on a project changing IMS DB/DC programs from using all IMS data bases to also access DB2 data bases. The work included coding in SQL, using DB2-MOVE; and testing MP and BMP programs using MFS, BTS and Xpediter.

Wrote, tested, and installed 3 DB2/SQL programs for a Y2K project. Also extensively tested an IMS/DC program. More DB2 More CICS

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Additional Project Management Experience

Was project manager on a project to redesign and reprogram a shop schedul- ing system for a major manufacturer of farm machinery, which required ex- tensive coordination between department heads.

Was project manager on a "belt tightening" project to convert a large publishing company's subscription data base system, running on a large 360 machine, to a System 3. Regular interface was required with department managers.

Was project manager on a project to convert a large number of assembler language programs from an IBM DPS 360/20 to an IBM 370/125 computer. This was a fixed bid contract, and it was completed essentially on target.

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Other Financial Programming Experience

Spent a year doing almost the entire programming task on a vehicle maint- enance/cost/inspection reporting system for a large trucking company. Costs were broken down by truck, terminal, truck make, etc.; maintenance was divided into categories such as tires, batteries, and oil; revealing such things as cost per mile. In insuring that inspections were performed on schedule, to prevent accidents and extend vehicle life, it was necess- ary to report two subsidiaries using different accounting calendars on a common basis, requiring extensive date manipulation.

Programmed a complete auto leasing information system for one of the lead- ing fast food chains, which uncovered serious irregularities and overchar- ging by the lessor.

Spent a year and a half programming for a large retail accounting manage- ment information system to be used by an oil company's chemical subsidiary. This system encompassed most of the subsidiary's accounting functions: A/R, A/P, Sales, Costs, Financial Statements, etc.

Programmed an entire life insurance claims reporting subsystem.

Did some of the most important programming on a communications equipment marketing system to keep track of the equipment already being used by cus- tomers, so that marketing representatives would have this information av- ailable when they made their sales calls. This was on such a large scale that one of the programs was projected to run at least eight hours.

Played a major role in programming a sophisticated accounts receivable system for a prominent manufacturer of lamps.

Played a key role in programming an order processing system for a leading lamp manufacturer.

Allocated and loaded two VSAM data bases, using Data-Xpert, and my own Cobol II programs, for an insurance company.

Did development programming for the mainframe portion of a PC Home Banking initiative. Wrote a program using VSAM file input; a flat file program; and added a VSAM file to another program, using generic searching and dynamic access.

Wrote and tested a parts obsolete and surplus extract program for a truck manufacturing company.

Wrote a large A/P, G/L, edit and batch balance program for a clothing sub- sidiary of a large conglomerate.

Wrote the edit/update program for a consignee accounting system.

Participated in the programming of a daily profitability display system for a food processing company, designed to allow managers to control costs and set prices by monitoring financial results on a daily basis through display terminals.

Wrote a series of programs for analyzing customer claims for a food proces- sing company.

Wrote a program for reporting cost/pricing indexing.

Participated in the programming of a product pricing system for a food pro- cessing company.

During the oil shortage crisis, wrote several programs designed to meet the government's fuel allocation requirements.

Wrote programs to convert customer invoice files into formats suitable for input to the Xerox 8790 and 4235 printers, in a Cobol/IBM MVS/SP 4.2.2 envi- ronment, using Mailsort, JSL, bar-coding, Ditto, and a double internal sort.

Was one of three people who participated in programming an actuarial system designed to cut costs by bringing that function inside the company.

Wrote several small programs for a subscription billing system.

Wrote a small program to create evaluation transactions for a data base update.

Wrote programs for insurance mandatory upgrades and policy form reporting.

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System Maintenance

Provided all the system support for the LMS II on line (VSAM/CICS) leasing package, debugging system problems, changing package software as necessary, and performing various package related projects; which included writing 22 programs, one of which was 6500+ lines of code and retroactively adjusted taxes to the new federal rate.

Was responsible for the system support of the Check Reconciliation, Labor Distribution, and Escheat Systems for a major international oil company for 2 1/2 years. Solved production problems, and made system changes and studies as requested by the various user departments. Dealt directly with the users, and set priorities; rather than being assigned tasks by D. P. management.

Several years later worked at the same company again as a mainframe project developer on a Settlement/Retrievals/Chargebacks support team. Over a period of 2 1/4 years worked on 22 projects making system changes, testing them, and writing 17 new programs until the company I was working through lost the con- tract to an offshore firm. Environment was COBOL, JCL, VSAM, DB2, XP, zOS.

Did fixes, enhancements, and a system upgrade to a new Cobol II release, in an insurance company VSAM/IMS/CICS/Endevor environment which involved esp- ecially heavy Linkage Editor and Comparex usage.

Worked in a pure maintenance environment for several months, on a team responsible for making changes to a large insurance claim system.

Changed a manufacturing system from being restricted to 20 parts in a sin- gle record to being able to process an unlimited number of parts in multi- ple records.

Helped modify and correct production problems in an aging credit life claims and premium system.

Made extensive changes to a benefits system to include managerial personnel.

Made some complex changes to an optional term insurance package.

Changed an A/P system, and its interfaces to other systems, to a new chart of accounts.

Modified a CICS/DB2 program, changed the BMS map, and tested; then rewrote a RPG program in Cobol using ICCF in DOS/VSE. More IMS More DB2 More CICS

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Software Package Development, Installation, and Testing

Researched, co-authored, and edited technical and sales manuals, for use with a data base package. Also packaged the software for installation at user sites.

Evaluated a software package for allowing several programmers to make changes to the same program simultaneously, and began development of a training course. However, implementation was shelved because of higher priority projects.

Was a member of a team that spent over a year installing a large CICS/VSAM life insurance system package (PALLM).

Was a member of a team that prepared a CICS/VSAM credit life premium proc- essing and claims systems package (XYCOR) for production.

Did the research, analysis, and design for adding a 1099 reporting capab- ility to an insurance claims payment package to meet new IRS regulations.

Was a member of a project team installing the ALAS leasing package, with primary responsibility for invoicing modifications.

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Conversion Projects

Was a member of the project team that did the conversion from DOS to OS for a large manufacturer of railroad cars.

Was a member of a project team involved in making change-overs to several hundred assembler language programs used for editing input to a credit approval system run by a division of a large conglomerate.

Did program maintenance to a billing system in a Cobol/Natural/Adabas environment, which included converting the programs to Cobol II; and uncovered some unusual conversion problems.

Computer Utilization Studies

Programmed a computer utilization system for an IBM 360/40 GRASP System, to keep track of a trucking company's utilization of a shared computer.

Programmed a computer utilization system to improve program scheduling on an IBM 370/145.

Web Development Training and Skills

Courses Taken

                 Java Programming Fundamentals: Taken online through UCLA Extension,
                 March 4, 2000 through April 8, 2000.
                 Professor - Walter Makovoz, Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence/Neural Networks.
                 Text - Java: First Contact, written by Roger Garside and John Mariani,
                            Lancaster University, England; published by Course Technolgy.

                 Web Development - HTML: Taken at College of DuPage,
                 March 31, 2000 through June 9, 2000.
                 Text - Creating Web Pages with HTML (HTML, Image Maps, Tables,
                            GIFs, Links, Frames, Forms, CGI Scripts, JavaScript, etc.)
                            written by Patrick Carey, Carey Associates, Inc.; published by Course

                 Introduction to XML: Taken at Greenbrier & Russel, Inc.
                 One day, hands on class, April 21, 2000.

                 SQL Server 2000: Taken from AppDev at the Knowledge Development Center in
                 Oakbrook, IL.        Five day class, April 23, 2001, through April 27, 2001.
                 Texts - Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Level 1
                             Programming & Maintaining Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000,
                             Level 2
                             Extended Features in Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Level 3
                             Published by Application Developers Training Company &
                             AppDev Products Company, LLC

                 Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Techniques: Taken at   Taz Tally   2 class, one day seminar,
                 May 17, 2001.
                 See some examples of my photographic work.
                 More PhotoShop training

                 Advanced Web Design: Taken from Global Knowledge at the Global Knowledge
                 Training Center in Schaumburg, IL.
                 Three day hands on class, June 13, 2001, through June 15, 2001.
                 (HTML; Database Setup, Retrieval, and Connectivity; ODBC; SQL; SSIs; ASP;
                 VBScript; Perl; CSS; ADO; SQL Server; Cold Fusion; JavaScript Rollovers;
                 Cookies; Tables; Forms; Menus; Frames; RAD; Security; XML)
                 Text - Advanced Web Design, Revision 6.1, written by Brad Gillespie,
                            Published by Global Knowledge Network, Inc.

                 Beginning Macromedia Flash Seminar
                 Given by Macromedia at the Wyndham Hotel, Chicago, IL.
                 Morning class, December 11, 2001.

                 Intermediate Macromedia Flash, ActionScript for Designers Seminar
                 Given by Macromedia at the Wyndham Hotel, Chicago, IL.
                 Afternoon class, December 11, 2001.
                 Text - Macromedia Flash ActionScript For Designers,
                            Published by Macromedia, Inc.
                 More Flash, ActionScript

                 M2063 Introduction to ASP.NET:   Taken at   IMG University,
                 The Information Management Group, Inc., One IBM Plaza, Chicago, IL.
                 Three day hands on class, January 7, 2002, through January 9, 2002.
                 (ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 7.0, ADO.NET)
                 Text - Introduction to ASP.NET (Visual Studio .NET) Microsoft Official
                            Curriculum, Published by Microsoft Corporation

                 Perl Scripting: Taken from Global Knowledge at the Global Knowledge
                 Training Center, 1500 McConnor Parkway, in Schaumburg,  IL 60173.
                 Two day hands on class and labs, April 2, 2002, through April 3, 2002.
                 Instructor - RW Hornbaker
                 Text - Perl Scripting, Revision 4.1, M6950C-001,
                            Published by Global Knowledge, Inc.

                 More Macromedia Seminars -

                 Given at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Hotel, Chicago, IL:

                      Macromedia Studio MX
                      (Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Fireworks MX, FreeHand 10, ActionScript)
                      Morning class, June 19, 2002.

                      Fast Track To Data-Driven Sites
                      (ColdFusion MX, HomeSite, XML, SOAP)
                      Afternoon class, June 19, 2002.

                      Delivering Results With Rich Internet Applications
                      (Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, ColdFusion MX, HomeSite, ActionScript)
                      Morning class, June 20, 2002.
                 Given at Loews Piper's Alley, 1608 N. Wells, Chicago, IL:

                      Macromedia and IBM Present: Developing with ColdFusion and Java
                      (Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, ColdFusion MX, XML,
                      J2EE, IBM WebSphere Studio and Application Server)
                      Afternoon class, October 22, 2002.

                 Presentation on HIPAA
                 Given by Ali Pabrai, CEO of the HIPAA Academy, "one of the acknowledged
                 experts in HIPAA",   at a meeting of the  Independent Computer Consultants
                 Association (ICCA).
                 October 8, 2002.

                 Mercury Interactive WinRunner and LoadRunner
                 Given by ACT at 4208 Commercial Way, Glenview, IL. 60025
                 Evening Technical Seminar, November 20, 2002.

                 UNIX Level I: Taken from Global Knowledge at the Global Knowledge
                 Training Center,  1500 McConnor Parkway,  in Schaumburg,  IL  60173.
                 Two day hands on class and labs, December 9, 2002, through December 10, 2002.
                 Instructor - Kenneth Brant
                 Text - UNIX Level I, M6400C-005, by Dave Egan, RW Hornbaker, Rhonda
                            Harmon, and Gordon Johnson.   Published by Global Knowledge, Inc.

                 Mastering Macromedia Dreamweaver: Presented by CompuMaster at the
                 SkillPath Learning Center,  2625 Butterfield Road,  Oak Brook,  Illinois.
                 One day workshop, April 21, 2003.
                 Instructor - Stephen Nowotarski
                 Text - Mastering Macromedia Dreamweaver,  Solutions That Work.
                            Produced by CompuMaster, a division of The Graceland Center for
                            Professional Development and Lifelong Learning, Inc.

                 Discovering the Secrets of Microsoft Access:
                 Presented by CompuMaster at the SkillPath Learning Center,
                 2625 Butterfield Road,  Oak Brook,  Illinois.
                 Two day hands on workshop, October 6-7, 2003.
                 Instructor - Dave Jones
                 Text - Discovering the Secrets of Microsoft Access
                            Produced by CompuMaster, a division of The Graceland Center for
                            Professional Development and Lifelong Learning, Inc.

                 Mastering Microsoft Project:
                 Presented by CompuMaster at the SkillPath Learning Center,
                 2625 Butterfield Road,  Oak Brook,  Illinois.
                 Two day hands on workshop, May 3-4, 2007.
                 Instructor - Dushun Mosley
                 Text - Mastering Microsoft Project
                            Produced by CompuMaster, a division of The Graceland Center for
                            Professional Development and Lifelong Learning, Inc.

Independent Study

                 Text -  ColdFusion 4
                            Authors: Alexis D. Gutzman & John Paul Ashenfelter
                            Publisher: IDG Books Worldwide
                            Chapters 1 - 5
                            More ColdFusion

                 Text -  Teach Yourself HTML Publishing on the World Wide Web, 2nd Edition
                            Author: Mac Bride
                            Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Educational Publishing Company
                            Chapter 5, Onto The Web;   and Chapter 7,   Forms

                 Text -  Essential JavaScript For Web Professionals
                            Authors: Barrett, Livingston, & Brown
                            Publisher: Prentice Hall
                            More JavaScript

                 Text -  How to Use Adobe Photoshop, Chapters 1-12 of 13
                            Author: Dan Giordan
                            Publisher: Sams Publishing
                            See some examples of my photographic work.

                 Text -  DHTML For The World Wide Web
                            (CSS, HTML, JavaScript)
                            Author: Jason Cranford Teague
                            Publisher: Peachpit Press
                            Chapters 1 - 11

                 Text -  ASP 3 fast & easy web development
                            (Visual Interdev, CSS, HTML, Forms, Cookies, Certificates, VBScript, IIS,
                            SSIs, ADO, OLE DB, ODBC, SQL, COM/COM+, DLLs, Visual Basic)
                            Author: Michael D. Thomasson
                            Publisher: Prima Publishing
                            Chapters 1 - 12
                            More of the above

                 Text -  VBScript For The World Wide Web
                            (HTML, Forms, Frames, VBScript, ActiveX)
                            Author: Paul Thurrott
                            Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman
                            Chapters 1 - 9 of 10

In addition to the books read, listed above, I have several books for each of the technical skills listed in this resume, to be used for further study or reference; plus quite a few for internet skills and topics not listed here. I oftentimes become the "Librarian" for a project.

Initially I loaded Allaire ColdFusion 4.5, Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.0, and Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0 onto my computer, and tried each one. However, I settled on using ColdFusion because it was easy to develop in native HTML, could handle several large files simultaneously (which was an important factor for me), and had a data base component. Since then I have updated to UltraDev 4 Studio and ColdFusion Studio MX. I also have HomeSite 4.5 and FrontPage Express loaded. In the Java arena I have the JDK, IBM Visual Age for Java Professional Edition 3.0, Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0, and Borland Jbuilder 3. I've just started using UltraEdit32 9.0 on my notebook. For im- age editing I have Adobe PhotoShop 7.0, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 6.0, Canon Adv- anced Photo Technology, Serif DrawPlus 3.0, Ulead Photo Express, MGI Photo- Suite, PhotoImpact, PhotoEditor, Microsoft PictureIt, Corel Photo House, SnapShot Express, PhotoEnhancer, PhotoFinish, PhotoFX2, The Print Shop Photo Pro, Kai's Photo Soap, Paint, PrintMaster, and Print Artist.

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