Other Interests


         I'm a "recreational" photographer. My interest in photography has waxed and
         waned over the years, and lately it's been waxing. It gives me a reason to travel,
         and then I bring the trip home with me in the form of pictures.  Eventually, I get
         the best ones enlarged, frame them and hang them around the house. I belonged
         to a camera club one year, but didn't do my own developing and enlarging. With
         the advent of the PC it became possible to do your "printing", "after the fact".
         I found that I was able to get better results computer editing my pictures than
         the prints I had done. This encourgaged me to make a wall calendar (top page a
         picture,  bottom page the calendar),  which I gave away until I had to send my
         printer in to HP for repairs. People I gave it to said I should go into the business,
         and I had to be careful not to offend people by leaving them out. But I don't see
         photography as a commercially viable vocation for me. However, once I had my
         photos edited into JPEG format, it wasn't a big step to put the pictures online,
         and send a CD to a stock photo house. You can see the online pictures by click-
         ing on the preceding link. The GateWay Directory image is also one of my pict-
         ures. Since I already had considerable experience editing pictures, it seemed to
         make sense to take it to another level by attending the Taz Tally Adobe Photo-
         shop 6.0 Techniques seminar that's on my resume.


         I collect books on topics I'm interested in - mostly history, science, and comp-
         uter skills. I've been reading the ones on computer skills lately, and there are
         still several computer topics I haven't gotten to yet. As for the ones on history
         and science, I hope that someday after I'm able to retire from my current com-
         puter career I'll have time to read them, become an educated person, and per-
         haps strike out into a new field; just like I've been doing recently. Lately, I've
         been cutting back on my book club memberships.  For one thing, it takes up a
         lot of time. For another, the history collection is pretty comprehensive already.
         Science, of course, is always progressing,  so I've kept that membership;  and
         the computer one keeps me up to date on new developments.   I  forsee  using
         them as a resource for my grandchildren (which has already begun).   Then,  if
         nobody in my family wants them, I'll find a library to donate them to that's will-
         ing to allocate a separate room for them where they can't be checked out - to
         keep the collection intact. Several of them have been made into movies.   For
         example, "A Beautiful Mind", "Band of Brothers", and "The Lost Battalion".
         I've also begun the process of writing and publishing a book of my own, based
         on my pro bono web site.   It should be out in the fall of 2003, and will have its
         own web site. But there will also be an optional order link on the pro bono site,
         so that the 1,000+ visitors a week there, have the opportunity to purchase it.


         I've invested in stocks since I was 18.   I plan to do a separate page on that,
         but it can wait until another day.


         My mother is still living,   past 91,   in excellent health,  and still manages the
         family farms. She was valedictorian of her senior class, attended Northwestern
         University through her junior year, until she had to go to work because of the
         depression.   Interestingly,   my father  was also  the valedictorian of his high
         school class. Unforunately, he died when I was just 2 years old, and I have no
         memories of him. My wife concentrated on raising our family when they were
         young, then went back to teaching.   My oldest daughter graduated cum laud
         with a degree in business administration  from a local college,  went on to get
         her teaching certificate,   has her own family  in a suburb  outside  New York,
         and is currently working full time as a 6th grade teacher. My younger daugh-
         ter attended Yale University as an undergraduate, then graduated cum laude
         from the  University of Illinois School of Law,  and works as an international
         intellectual property attorney.  My son, the youngest, still hasn't figured out
         what to do in life.

Additional Information

         As I made the rounds of the contracting and employment sites,  I noticed that
         some of them liked to ask some additional "personal" questions. Rather than
         being offended,  I thought the idea had some merit,  so I brought those quest-
         ions and answers here to my own web site.   It's a way to get to know me bet-
         ter - things you might not know about me even if you had worked with me for
         several years. If you'd like to go to that page, click here.


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