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    The mainframe portion of this resume was created as the first
    two projects of the initial HTML class I took.  Consequently,
    if you look   "under the hood",   you will find  that it is  some-
    what primitive in some aspects.   For example,   I used   lists,
    where today I would use tables.   But it  would be  nearly two
    years before I was ready to put it on the internet.

    When the class concluded,  I did some additional independent
    study and research.   Then I spent  3 1/2  months working full
    time to create the content for a pro bono site, which was about
    90,000 bytes of text (alphanumeric characters) when I first up-
    loaded it. I went on to my next project, not intending to spend
    any more time on it. It now stands at 1,518,000+ bytes of text.
    If you do the math,   that comes out to   over a year of my life
    I've invested in it.   The advent   of the internet   has made it
    possible for most people to publish;   just like  Thomas Paine,
    Benjamin Franklin, or even Martin Luther.  It's been reward-
    ing, educational, and sometimes challenging. In the first 2 3/4
    years  of its existence  it has attracted  over 45,000  different
    people,   which gives it a lot more influence  than  a professor
    teaching at a university.   It's also taught me  a lot about how
    to promote a web site.   A web site is pretty useless if nobody
    knows it exists.   Along the way,  I also created two duplicate
    sites to try different approaches  for attracting traffic.   How-
    ever, the sites are anonymous, and, therefore,  I have not in-
    cluded links for them.   Two of the pages  within this site are
    actually web sites in their own right, even though they share
    the same server directory; because they are registered sep-
    arately  with the search engines.   Not only is it simpler and
    less expensive,   but they serve to funnel traffic to the main
    page. One is small and simple, and the other is rather large
    and impressive. More of these "sub-sites" are probably on
    the way.   When you work  on a web site  almost  every day
    and put your heart and soul into it you keep coming up with
    new ideas  to promote it   -   it becomes a competitive thing.
    The large  satellite site  has already doubled the main page
    in hits per day.  If you are an organization with, or planning,
    a web site, and want it to make a major contribution to your
    endeavor; but don't have a big advertising budget to invest,
    you need  someone knowledgeable  in promoting  web sites
    who's  primary responsibility  is making it  a success.   Just
    having a nicely designed web site isn't going to do it for you,
    but I can.  I spend part of almost every day promoting mine.

    The next project I tackled also took  3 1/2  months to pull to-
    gether, working full time on it; after having worked on it part
    time for several years.   It's based on a simple idea,  yet I've
    never seen  another  directory  that can  compare to it  in the
    areas it covers  -  which are considerable.   I never expected
    it to be a commercial success. Some things you do just for the
    challenge,  to be creative,  and to turn an idea  into reality.
    Linux is a good example of that type of thinking.  But it does
    have some problems. For one thing, only 10% of households
    have a fast connection, and it requires a fast connection or a
    lot of patience.   It has a large graphic,  which I don't want to
    remove,   because  it distinguishes it;   and around  a million
    bytes of text, more or less,   depending on  when I  update it
    next,  on a single web page.   I like to think  it's ahead of it's
    time;  but to alleviate this  I've added a link to another dupl-
    icate site  with less  graphics,   and  a lot of  people  go  that
    route. I could probably get the graphic to load faster, too.

    The other major problem  is that  it has been much more dif-
    ficult to promote  than the pro bono site.   Too  general,  too
    much competition  in the category?    I'm not sure.    On  the
    other hand, the site itself turned out much better than I ever
    envisaged. So I intend to keep adding to it, improving it, and
    promoting it - as time and resources allow - and hope for
    fiber optics.   Meanwhile, go ahead, check out the GateWay
    To The Internet!

    Did you know that more than 16.7 million distinct colors can
    be defined in HTML? I've made a lot of stops along the int-
    ernet,  doing research for my directory,  and at some point I
    started  saving  ones  I  liked  to a file,   and assigning them
    names;   like Rich Yellow and Baby Blue.   Of course colors
    look different on different monitors,   the  colors themselves
    take on different hues in combination with other colors, some
    people's  eyes  are bothered  by bright colors,   and certainly
    not everyone likes the same colors or sees them the same.
    But I like experimenting with different color and background
    combinations, and creating my own unique backgrounds.

    I developed another large site - not large in terms of text, but
    large in terms of graphic content - to try  putting  some of my
    photographs on line. I chose pictures I had taken on an Alaska
    trip, because I had already computer edited that group.  It's a
    rather elegant solution, but it's slow loading like the directory
    site.   If I do another one,   I'll probably look into doing it with
    Photoshop or one of the prepackaged solutions I have to com-
    pare. And I have several other sites "on the drawing boards"
    to do when time permits.  The photo site traffic is picking up
    nicely. I even had an inquiry about purchasing some pictures.

    I tried not to make the structures for the above sites unneces-
    sarily complex.   So I've added four projects done for class as
    examples  of other techniques  I've used.   These were things
    where all the content was provided, so none of them took more
    than a day to knock out.   Don't expect  all the links  to work.
    I've been completing this web site on my notebook computer,
    because the registry on my big computer got clobbered. When
    I  tested  the Virtual Tour,   I realized  I hadn't  put the images
    on the floppy because there wasn't room. I think they might be
    on one of the hard drives on my big machine,   but there's cur-
    rently no way to know.   If they're not there  then I'll use my
    own pictures  when I get that machine up and running again.
    So if you're flipping through the frames in the Virtual Tour,
    and all that changes is the backgrounds, that's why.


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